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Job Bank Etiquette

If you want to apply for a posted 
position, please contact the person 
whose contact information is included 
in the ad. Our page includes all the information available to us. 

Please let our Job Bank Chair, Hattie Howell, know if you get a job through the GPA Job Bank. We love success stories!

Please respect the other members 
of GPA by understanding that this 
is a service provided for our 
members. If you want to pass 
news of a job on to a friend or 
colleague, you may do so, but 
PLEASE do not share the username 
or password to this site with 
non-GPA members. Thank you!

Good Luck, and Happy Hunting.
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Positions Wanted

If you are looking for a paralegal or other legal support staff position, please contact Job Bank Chair Hattie Howell. She will post your contact information or your resumé here, along with the type of position you are seeking. Other GPA members may contact you if their firm has an open position. Once you find a position, please let us know and we will remove your information from this page.

Good Luck!

Crystal Layne
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Alexis Miller
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Cheryl L. Wood
(336) 621-3015
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